Sunday, June 30, 2013

Is it a Bear Market now?

Some newspapers headline that the Philippine Stock Market, having slipped by 3.05% last week, has finally entered the "bear" market zone, which ends the skyrocketting rally it has experienced the past few months. COL Financial disagrees though.

COL Financial research department opines that even though the stock market fell below the infamous 30% drop level, one component must kick in to officially call it a bear market... That of TIME. The stock market has to stay below the 20% zone for more than 2 months.

COL Financial analysts also think that the sharp decline could be a heated Elliot Wave 4 pullback. Elliot Wave Theory rules support that the market is in a Wave 4 pullback still within the frames of a major bullish wave.

Bear or not, it should not matter to investors like us. This steep dip is Christmas morning, Boxing Day or Black Saturday for investors looking to beef up their portfolio with blue-chip stocks at super cheap prices. Shopping for stocks have never been this exciting as most, if not all stocks are at discounted prices. Its sale sale sale!!! Happy buying :)

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