Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guide to opening CitisecOnline account from overseas

More Filipinos are now encouraged to invest in the Philippine stock market. But most don't know where to start, and the common misconception is it is difficult to do it from overseas. I had the same misgiving before but from personal experience, it is actually a piece of cake. Here are the steps I did to open my CitisecOnline account:

  1. Email that you are interested to open an account with them. You will receive an email from CitisecOnline customer relations officer who will guide you with every step.

  2. Submit by post the following requirements

  3. STEPS
    Fill out the necessary forms and submit it toCitisecOnline’s business center.
    Customer Account Information Form (CAIF)
    Online Securities Trading Agreement (OSTA)
    Signature Cards (2)
    Submit a photocopy of (1) valid ID issued by the Philippine Government
    Philippine driver's license
    SSS ID (1999 credit card type only)
                GSIS ecard plus
                Professional Regulation Commision (PRC) ID
                Comelec Voter's ID
    For non-appearance:
    A billing statement would be needed
    Utility Bill
    Credit Card Bill
    Bank Statement
    • Account opening forms (CAIF, OSTA and Signature cards) can be downloaded from (click on the Forms tab).
    • All signatures in all forms must be consistent with the signature on your ID that you're going to submit
    • 2 Specimen Signature cards must be sign twice consistently
    • Address on CAIF, OSTA and Signature cards must be the same with the Proof of Billing that you're going to submit
    • Clear photocopy of valid Gov't Issued ID with picture and signature (back to back) then sign it twice
    • Latest Proof of Billing

  4. Email your customer relations officer that you have posted the requirements. He/she will then confirm once received and will email you your CitisecOnline account number.

  5. Fund your account

    Fund your account
    Minimum of P5,000 for EIP
    Minimum of P25,000 for Regular
    Funding Options
    Online Banking via Merchant Payment
    a. Bank of the Philippine Islands –
    b. Banco de Oro –
    c. Metrobank –
    Over-the-Counter via Merchant Payment
    a. Bank of the Philippine Islands
    b. Banco de Oro
    c. Metrobank
    Here's the procedure on how to transfer fund via BPI Express Online:
    Customers of BPI Express Online can now remit money to CitisecOnline using BPI's online banking service.

    1) Log into your BPI ExpressOnline account by going to the web address: and entering your BPI User ID and password.
    2) You must enroll "CitisecOnline" as a participating merchant by following the dropdown menu "Payments & Reloading" ' "Check Free Payments" ' "Enroll all other Bills".
    3) Fill up the 'Enrollment of Bills' form by placing your BPI account number, a joint account indicator then under 'Bill Information' choose 
    CITISECONLINE.COM INC. (COL) as the enrollee merchant followed by your CitisecOnline Account Number (xxxxxxx) on the following space. (Please double check to make sure it is your account number that you use). Click on "Submit" to acknowledge the request.
    4) Once your CitisecOnline account is enrolled you can proceed to remitting money to us by again by following the dropdown menu "Payments & Reloading" ' "Check Free Payments" ' "Pay Bills Today".
    5) Under "Check Free Payments", choose your CitisecOnline Account under the option to pay and then enter the amount you wish to transfer/pay then identify your BPI account from where payment will come from. Click 'Submit' once again when you are done. Your order to remit will then commence.  
    6) For quick monitoring a copy of the transfer notice to speed up processing. You can email confirmations to deposits and copy furnish your customer relations officer.

    • Bank's Name: Banco De Oro
    Address: Ortigas Exchange Branch, G/F East Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Centre, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
    Swift Code: BNORPHMM
    Account Number: 343-016190-2
    In Favor of:, Inc.
    Address: 2401- B, PSE Centre, East Tower, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines
    For Further Credit to: [Indicate your Name, CitisecOnline Account No. (if available) and Address]
    For validation of your payment, send a copy of the confirmation to CitisecOnline Accounting Department’s email to and copy your customer relations officer.

  6. The Account Activation confirmation from CitisecOnlineHelpdesk with instructions on how to login to your account will be emailed to you.
    Happy investing!

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